Tagging Information

8-1/2 x 11 white CARDSTOCK for printed tags

SAFETY Pins - 1" or larger

Wire Hangers

Cleaners will give you hangers if you ask. With the hanger hook pointing to the left (see picture), place tag vertically on the right shoulder. Twelve months & smaller can be on plastic hangers. See Items We Accept for more details on clothing guidelines.


On larger clothing items, such as maternity or dresses, please secure them with safety pins at the shoulder if they have a tendency to fall off the hanger. Your items won't sell if they're on the floor!



Are you going to donate this item? Please select the donate option, and we will automatically donate it for you if it remains unsold. Please seriously consider if you are really coming back to pick up your unsold items. Did you sell almost everything last time? (We know most of you did!!) Are you coming back for just a few things? Every sale we literally have 100s of people who don’t pick up and we spend many hours sorting those items needlessly! If you aren’t coming back, please select donate. 


Use one inch or larger safety pins to pin on the tags, (no tiny gold pins), placing the pin horizontally and catching the garment and the card twice. On higher priced items, please doubly secure the pin to your tag by placing packaging tape to cover the pin and adhere it to the card, making it hard to unpin the card.

You set the price of all items. PRICE TO SELL!  Use $1.00 increments, no .50 cents, .99 cents, etc.

Ask yourself "Would I buy what I'm bringing in at the price I am asking?" If you will be donating your items that don't sell, please consider letting them go half price. Getting half price for an item is better than getting nothing!

Group small items together in a ziploc bag, with the card easily visible on the OUTSIDE of the bag. We also recommend sealing the top closed with clear packaging tape to keep out small hands. Scotch tape and masking tape do not work well.

For sets of books or DVDs, try to group no more than 2 per set. Please do not bag them, they are often separated from the set and the tag, making it impossible for you to be paid for them. Tie book sets with string in a 4-square as seen in picture to the left. Pin your card to the string, being sure the pin goes thru the card twice.

For shoes, pin shoes together with a large pin or twist tie, then pin tag to the connecting pin. For added security, place a piece of clear tape over the safety pin. This keeps the tag from easily coming off the shoes. Plastic bags aren't necessary, and the tags come off them easily.

Supplies Required


Pin sets securely together by hanging the shirt first, then turn the hanger over and pin the  pants by the waist (see picture) to the backside of the hanger, with the pin catching the hanger to support the pants. Both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them. Pants hung on a separate hanger tend to come off the hanger and then get separated from the top.


Pants or shorts sold alone should be hung as the picture shows, pinned at the waist. A great way to keep pants from sliding all over the hanger is to use paper-covered dry cleaner's hangers. They don't slide and stay neat-looking, which in turn makes them sell better.  

Clothing must be on wire hangers.

Also, under the size, please choose the specific section in which you want that item to be hung. Choose whether it is a girl's item or boys, jrs, maternity, etc. This is especially important for Juniors and Maternity, which sometimes can be hung incorrectly and will not sell if it is on the wrong rack. It will also ensure that the item will be on the correct rack at pick up, should it remain unsold. In addition, it will also help our workers put your items back on the correct rack if a shopper misplaces it.


Use the middle of the card to give a short description of your item. Please be very specific!! If the tag becomes separated from the item, the description is the only way we can identify it. Our new software makes it easy to search for a lost item IF a detailed description was entered when creating the tag. It is very important!!  This is also a good way to point out if your item is a brand name. If you have the time, this is also a good place to add any positive selling points, such as "Washes Well!" or "Only Worn Once." Be careful to avoid negatives such as "Never Worn." Use "Like New!" instead. On large ticket items such as equipment, you may want to put the retail price off to the side so buyers will know what a good deal they are getting.


For adult clothing items, a category is not necessary; please choose the correct clothing size from the size drop down box to insure your item will be placed in the correct size on the racks.


Don’t make any changes or corrections once tags are completed. This is for your own protection. Make a new tag if a change is necessary! At drop off inspection, any inconsistencies will have to be re-done on your time. Please email us with any questions before investing your time!

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We can no longer accept hand-written cards.

Please no tags from other consignment sales.

Are you going to donate this item?


Donate it. 

It helps us and others so much!


Use one inch or larger safety pins






Group small items together in a ziploc bag

Sets of books or DVDs

4-square tie



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