Selling Tips

Tips to help your items sell better

The appearance of your items will do much to help them sell.  Clothes that are clean, smell fresh, and pressed, with buttons and zippers closed, look newer and generally sell better.  Spend a little extra time getting your items ready!  Starch, a little bleach, an iron, or a needle and thread work wonders!


Have buttons closed. It will keep them from being torn off by other hangers that get caught in them.  


Have zippers fastened. It allows the item to hang properly on the hanger.    


Shoes must be clean and in excellent condition.  


Furnishings should be clean, have all parts, and any small pieces in a ziploc bag securely attached to the main part with packaging tape or ribbon.


Clear packaging tape is great for securing the bags to ensure all pieces stay together.  Curly Ribbon is also a good way to hold pieces together or attach tags to items without using tape. For plastic bags, tape them shut and then pin or tape your tag on the packaging tape to the outside of the bag. The tape is stronger than the plastic bag and keeps your tag from becoming loose.  Please don’t use scotch or masking tape; it is not strong enough to keep your tags on the bag.  


All items needing assembly willneed to be   assembled at drop off.                                      


We recommend selling at 1/3  - ¼ of the retail price for pristine clothing. Ask yourself: Would I buy this at that price?

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We are always trying to make sure that as a shopper, you do not have to sift through items that are not in good condition.  Help us maintain our high standards by checking through your items before bringing them in.

Brand Name Clothing that Sells

when reasonably priced

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Sets tend to sell better (under size 10) than separate items, so match up separates if you can.


Toys which require batteries must include them.


Baby furniture, equipment, and toys should be clean, have all parts, and any small pieces should be in a Ziploc bag,  securely attached to the main part with packaging tape or ribbon.


Clear packaging tape is great for securing the bags so small hands can’t reach in.


Equipment needs to be completely assembled at drop-off.


If you bring a car seat, please call 1-866-SEATCHECK or go to to make sure it has not been recalled. All car seats must come with a signed declaration that it meets our standards. Click here for Car Seat Declaration Form.


Children's Items, especially older ones, are often recalled.  

Please visit to be sure your items are "re-sellable."


Check out the Consignment Mommies web site for some good info.

Helpful tips for Children's Items