Tag Printing Tips


Quicks Facts

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Use Cardstock

8 1/2 x 11

Ink setting

should be on normal or

fast-draft setting

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Set scaling to "Fit to Page"

Don't close PDF window until it is

completely printed

Be sure the bar code is not fuzzy

or running together


We have discovered that the darker the ink is, the more likely it is to blur and be unreadable. You want the bar code lines to be distinct and separate.

You will need white 8-1/2"X 11" CARDSTOCK.

The best setting is fast or normal, not too dark.

Be sure the scaling is set to “fit to the page”.

In your printer menu box (probably the same box in which you choose how many copies to print) be sure the scaling is set to “fit to the page”, that way no printing is cut off on the top or bottom.

If you use anything thinner than cardstock, your tag will get ripped off and lost. That means we cannot sell it, you won't get paid, and you may not get it back. Please, please use white cardstock. Walmart,  Michaels and Office Depot have good prices on paper packs.

Do not mark through and rewrite anything. Use white out.

If you have tags printed up and something needs to be changed on them,

you can use white out to change anything except the price or the ND.

If the price or the ND needs to be changed, that means the bar code also needs

to be changed. The only way to do that is to print a new card.

You MUST print new tags if...

If the price or the ND needs to be changed, that means the bar code also needs to be changed. The only way to do that is to print a new card.

Consignor Number

Please double check that your number is correct. This is directly tied to your payment. If it's wrong, someone else will get paid for your items!

Donating Items

Thank you for any item donated! Remember, it's not an "all or nothing" option, you can choose which items are to be donated. But it saves many hours of sorting for us when you choose donate. Please also seriously consider if you are really coming back to pick up your unsold items.


Did you sell almost everything last time? (We know most of you did!) Are you coming back for just a few things? Every sale we literally have 100's of people who don't pick up and we spend many hours sorting those items needlessly!  If you aren't coming back, please mark your items donate, it helps us so much!

Pricing: Price to sell!

Ask yourself, would I buy this item at my price?

Connie's helpful hints.

I like to print out several sets leaving the description and the size blank  (both ND and not) of all my prices $1 - $12 and keep them in a filing box.

There is one drawback to this method - if you do not type in the description, we cannot search the database for that item should it become separated from its tag.


I use little post-it flags to divide them, making it easy to pick out the cards as I'm tagging. (I make a pile of items that have unusual prices and print them at a later time, all at once.) I hand-write the size, gender, and description, then pin and hang, and it's done!


It's time to print.


and it's EASY!

Once it assigns your number selection, it will bring you to your home page.  Across the top and also towards the bottom of the page, you’ll see all the options you have.  If you click on “Manage Inventory,” you’ll find several helpful tutorials.


On the “Enter Items” tab, you can begin to enter your items.  The selections are very self-explanatory.  Once you enter one tag, the information is “remembered” so if you are entering many similar items, most of the fields are already filled in for you.

There is a box in the middle of the page that you can click to create any number of identical tags, great for multiples you might be selling.


You can also leave the description boxes blank and hand-write those later. This is handy if you like to “mass produce” your tags at one sitting and write the actual descriptions later.


You can print your tags at once or print them later under “Manage Inventory.”  You can buy a pack of card stock at Walmart that has 150 sheets (900 tags @ six-to-a-page) for about $5.  Target has good prices and you can often get coupons at Michaels and Office Depot.


For a little more money, you can save the PDFs and email them to Office Depot.  They will copy them and cut them for you. Often, you can find a 25% coupon!




Helpful hints. Don't miss 'em.

Soon you will have great tags that look like these!

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