Tips for Consigning Newborn Items



There is a 25 hanging item per sex limit for the entire range of size Newborn – 12months.  Babies don’t wear out their clothes and we can’t possibly sell all the newborn clothing that our consignors have! So we must make some kind of limits, but below are tips to help you:


• Pick out your best outfits to bring and make as many sets as you can,  shoppers LOVE entire sets of things with all the matching pieces.


• When making sets, put 3 tops the same size, or 2 pants, or 2 rompers, etc together on one hanger.


• Anything neutral that the opposite sex can wear can count as 15 for the opposite sex.


• You can bring Ziploc bagged items, for example 3 tee shirts together or sleepers that are the same size, etc.  (Outfits do not sell as well in the baggies, the baggies will be put in large bins on our Linen Table. Please be sure they are pristine.) Please note these items will not be sorted.


• Your consignor number and tags work at all our locations. Take your extras to our Murfreesboro location or save for the next sale!