Checks will be mailed September 26th!

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Check-In/Pick-Up Info

When you come to check-in: 


  • Please bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope. This is how we will send you your check.

  • Make sure you have followed all guidelines re: item limits and brands.

  • Check-in at the desk and receive your pre-sale passes.

  • Your items will be inspected to make sure they meet our criteria, so please allow plenty of time for this process.

  • Bring your non-hanging items in disposable containers such as boxes or bags that you can leave with us instead of plastic  containers which are time-consuming to empty.

  • Please put shoes and adult items in a separate container from your other items so we can look through them quickly.

  • After your items are inspected you will hang your clothing on the proper rack, on the sales floor.

  • Our toy/equipment inspector may ask you to take the larger toy items to their proper places (if it needs to be assembled, you will need to assemble it there.)

  • Everything else, such as shoes, books, small toys, etc. will be put out by our volunteers

When you come to pick-up: 


  • All items must be picked up by 2:00pm on Pick Up Day (Click here for specific dates). Please make arrangements with a friend or relative to pick-up if you cannot come by 2pm. After that time, items left will be donated. No exceptions! 

  • Please be sure you know your consignor number and size sections when you come to pick-up.  If you need help, feel free to ask one of our volunteers to help you. 

  • All clothing is sorted by number within its size rack. Children's toys are sorted into the 100s on the toy tables.  Books, shoes, and Adult/Home Decor items are not sorted but left in their categories/sizes where you can find them easily.

We offer general times for drop off/check-in. No appointments necessary! 

Click here for specific dates and times.